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Plumbing Services

Residential Plumbing

Does a dripping sink drive you crazy? Do you have a leak you can’t locate? Stop worrying. Call Economy Plumbing Services today for quality, efficient, and affordable residential plumbing for your Austin, TX, home.

Comprehensive Residential Plumbing Services

Economy Plumbing Services can handle any plumbing problem within your home. Here are some of the services we offer:

No matter what service you need, you can rely on us for a job well done.

Commercial Plumbing

At Economy Plumbing Services, our technicians specialize in commercial repairs and service in the Austin and Marble Falls area. Our commercial services include:

Water Heaters (traditional and tankless)

Water Softeners

Disposals, Dishwashers, and Water Fountains Repair and Replacement

Urinal and Toilet Repair and Replacement

Leak Location and Repair

Natural and Propane Gas

Faucet Repair and Replacement

Major and Minor Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Back flow Testing, maintenance, and repairs

Hydrojetting & drain-cleaning

Camera inspection

& we specialize in maintenance

Quality Customer Experience

We want to give you a quality customer experience. That’s why we offer electronic scheduling, upfront pricing, and work pre-authorization. You know exactly when we’re coming, what work we’re going to perform, and how much the work is going to cost. Our number one goal is your complete 100% satisfaction.

We are also pleased to offer coupons that will help you save. If you have any specific questions about them, please call us.


Professional Plumbing Technicians

All of our workers are well-trained, certified, licensed, and insured. In addition, they passed our moral and plumbing aptitude tests to ensure that you have only honest, reliable plumbers in your home.

When you want the best residential plumbers in Austin, TX, rely on Economy Plumbing Services.


Reliable Plumbing Company

We want to be the plumbing company you can rely on for any plumbing issue in your home. As a smaller business, we can provide your home the personal attention it might need.

Ready to schedule an appointment or estimate? Please either call us at (844) 475-8627 or fill out our online schedule appointment form.


Water Heater Specialists in Austin, TX



Tired of being stuck without hot water in your home? Our water heater specialists at Economy Plumbing Services have the services and experience you need to make your home more comfortable with our wide range of water heater services. If you want help with water heater installations, repairs, or maintenance services for your home in Austin, TX, turn to our team today.


Most homeowners do not monitor their water heaters until a clear indication of damage or decreased heat exists. Because many water heaters go a long time without regular maintenance, water heater replacement or repair can come as a complete surprise to property owners. Our team is here to help conduct scheduled maintenance to keep your system working for longer.


If you have noticed a significant decrease in heat in your home’s water, or if you see your utility bills climbing higher and higher without any explanation, then your water heater is probably in desperate need of an inspection and/or repair service.

Turn to our water heater specialists for professional and experienced water heater repair services that will get your system back up to speed so you can finally go back to living in comfort.




Whether you are building a new construction or looking for a new water heating system to replace an outdated unit, our team at Economy Plumbing Services has the skills and industry knowledge to provide you with the best services for your specific needs.


Don’t get caught without hot water again. Turn to our water heating specialists at Economy Plumbing Services for professional water heater installations, repairs, and maintenance services today. Give us a call at (844) 4-PLUMBR to schedule your next appointment.



Toilet Issues? Our Austin, TX Plumbers Will Provide The Fix

Do you know that water usage studies suggest that the average household toilet in the Austin & Marble Falls areas waste approximately 3,000 – 12,0000 gallons of water annually! That’s a lot of wasted water, and old, leaky toilets do not cause the waste. The reason: Most toilets have a faulty “flapper” in the tank. These leaking flappers or fill valves, which control the flow of water into the tank, are responsible for the thousands of wasted gallons of water.

Ghost Flushing Toilets

If you ever hear your toilet “ghost flushing” or running its water fill cycle randomly throughout the day when no one has used it, more than likely your flapper or valve is leaking, and your water is kicking on to fill the tank.

Problem Toilets

Do you have a toilet at home that constantly backs up? Even worse, does your toilet seem to be disconnected from the floor and rocks, moves or swivels with the slightest touch? These are annoying problems now that can turn into huge problems later, like leaking pipes and water damage to your floor or ceilings because of poor sealing.


Call Your Austin & Marble Falls, TX Plumbers Today

The good news is, if you are experiencing any of these toilet problems, our professionals at Economy Plumbing Services can help. We employ only state-licensed plumbers who are true experts in all things plumbing. We can assess the situation and determine what option will best solve the problem – a repair or replacement. From minor rebuilds and parts replacement to a complete toilet overhaul and replacement, we’ve got your covered. Contact us!


Backflow Testing


At Economy Plumbing Services, our backflow testing is intended to help keep our drinking water safe. We are your local back flow device testing company, and we provide scheduled testing at your convenience.

Our backflow techs specialize in the following:

  • Performing backflow tests accurately

  • Reporting test results to applicable water authority, electronically or physically.

  • Ensuring compliance with local and national codes, where necessary.

  • Making repairs as needed.

Why should you choose Economy Plumbing Services for your backflow testing?

  • Our backflow techs are plumbers: they can make the necessary repairs or replacements needed to ensure proper operation of the backflow device in question.

  • Because our techs are plumbers, they have the big picture in mind and are able to determine the most accurate repairs or replacement options should they be needed.

  • Our techs are honest, we are a top-rated company in our areas served, and we depend on our reputation to precede us. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure your plumbing gets the protection and service it needs.

We offer convenient online or telephone appointments around your schedule. Call or schedule an appointment online today!


Natural Gas
Propane Gas


Austin & Marble Falls, TX Gas Line Inspection, Repair & Installation

Gas - dangerous to say the least, but efficient, inexpensive and powerful. A common energy source in most homes in the Austin and Marble Falls area, natural or propane gas has proven to be a valuable asset to our communities. Gas provides consistent, effective heat for our homes, our water, pools, outdoor or indoor cooking, fireplaces, and creating beautiful patio accents.


Detecting Problems With Your Gas Lines 

You cannot see or taste gas, and without the smell added, a leak could go unnoticed until ignited. Our gas suppliers add an odorant to our gas for safety. Most odorants smell like rotten eggs or sulfur, and a sample of the gas smell can be obtained from your gas supplier. Natural and propane gas alarms may also be purchased at local hardware stores. These products are typically marketed as “explosive gas detectors or alarms.”

In our area, gas supply systems go many years without requiring any service, but can suddenly fail overnight. When this happens, Economy Plumbing is just one call away to repair your natural and propane gas lines.


Contact Your Austin & Marble Falls, TX Plumbers

Our plumbers, and our company as a whole, are licensed, certified, and insured for servicing, repairing, testing and modifying natural gas and propane systems. Propane requires a separate endorsement from the Texas Railroad Commission, and you may rest assured we have obtained this endorsement, too. You are in good hands with Economy Plumbing!

Have a gas leak, or simply want to have your system tested to ensure there are no leaks? Desiring a full-on gas system inspection? Contact us today to schedule immediate service!